Monday, 15 October 2012

More Julip newbies!

I have taken delivery of another fine lot of vintage Julip horses!   These are also from ebay and although they are not in the best of condition, their great age makes them all the more appealing.

First up, here is Breeze, the 1st version Arab Mare.
Sadly, Breeze doesn't stand up due to the wires in her hindlegs being broken.  OH is going to make me a stand for her to lean on!  

Next up is a Thoroughbred, even earlier than the ones I've had before ...
This is Lucifer (so named for his rather demonic eyes ...!). His legs have seen better days, but he stands up and is set solid.
Lucifer came with his brother ..
This horse is unfortunate in that his saddle, bridle and rider have all fused onto him, so he will be forever like this! They have been stored on their side which has meant the latex and leather has all been squashed into each other.  I just love the rider, she looks like she's had a few too many beverages!

Next up are the ponies.  The first is a rather bald Shetland.
The paintwork isn't good, but he's still a nice pony.

Then there is a 1st version Dartmoor in a fetching dappled grey.
One of his hindlegs has set at an awkward angle, and the poor thing has been drawn on with red ink ... !

Lastly there is the little Icelandic Pony
He is covered in paint cracks, but otherwise is ok.  This was the most expensive, despite being the smallest, due to its rarity.

These all came from the same vendor, selling on behalf of their owners who have had these since new back in the late 1950s/early 1960s. It must have been sad to see them go after so long, but here they will have a permanent home along with my other 200 Julips !!

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