Sunday, 7 October 2012

New Julips!

I've been a very bad girl and spent all my month's wages on an army of little latex ponies ... I'm sure that makes me certifiable, but it keeps me quiet.

There were two lots of very vintage Julips up on ebay this past month. I know it was greedy of me, but I can no longer help myself when such wonderful collections come up for sale.   I bid, I won. What else can I say?!

Anyway. Lot number one consisted of five horses, some moth-eaten riders and various pieces of tack, etc.  These were all from the 1960s.
The horse above was a bit of a mystery at first. I compared him to a few of my other old Julips and he didn't seem to resemble them, but eventually I decided he must be an ANGLO ARAB, despite his head appearing to be much finer than my others. In every other respect, he was the same.  So that's Anglo Arab number 3 !

The next is a HANDY HUNTER in chestnut - he may have supposed to have been palomino, but not any more!  There were two of this mould in the lot ...
This one was not in such nice condition, but a pretty colour.
There was also quite a poorly THOROUGHBRED, also in a pretty sort of colour ...
I've not seen one this colour before, a sort of rose fleabitten grey ?  Sadly, his legs are very sticky and most of his body feels soft. I hope the latex will set again so no further damage can occur.

The last one in this little lot was a foal.  The leg wires are broken, but fortunately he still stands up ok.
I will introduce my next mulit-buy next time!


  1. Tut tut.... spending all your money!! Any idea how much these are worth in the condition they're in?

    1. No worse than spending it on Lego ... !! I hope they're worth more than I paid for them ...