Saturday, 18 August 2012

Child's Ponies

The CHILD'S HUNTER was available until the late 1970s/early 80s. It was a cheeky looking devil - the kind that most Pony Clubbers would have known at some point in their lives!
This model dates from 1979. He sports an original leather Julip headcollar.

Next we have the CHILD'S JUMPING PONY. The very first version was in a standing pose - sadly I have no examples of this one.  The second version was made in a jumping pose. This model was discontinued in 1984.
This one is from the 1960s and came to me with the name of Buzz.  He was an ebay find a few years ago. Ebay is my main source of vintage Julips thesedays. Before the internet, the only way to swell the collection was to wait for another collector you knew to sell up!

The third version with this name appeared in 1989 and is still available to order. It is in a standing pose with a hind leg resting.

The last of the children's ponies in C is the CHILD'S SHOW PONY.
This is another ebay find which I bought in 2007.  The Child's Show Pony was available until about the mid-late 1970s. This one has sadly had the wires in the front legs broken, which is why it stands a little strangely!

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