Monday, 20 August 2012


One of my favourite moulds Julip made is the COB MARE - a stout, solid and pretty horse.  She was introduced to the range in late 1976 and was discontinued in 1989. For years afterwards, this model commanded very high prices as they became highly sought after by collectors. Then, sometime around 2008, the mould was re-introduced.
Above is an older model, from 1977. She's quite chunky (as cobs should be).
Below is a newer model, this one is from 2010.
With the cob mare came her husband - the COB STALLION. He was introduced at the same time as the mare but was never really discontinued. Below is a model from 1979 ...
And this is a more modern one ...
The mould has been on a diet and has slimmed down a little!

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