Saturday, 11 August 2012

More Julips

I think I'll be staying with the Julips for a little while longer!

I'm going to post a pic of each different model horse Julip made over the years - all in alphabetical order because I'm a list addict too.

So, we start this journey with the AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE.  This model was first introduced in 1969 and was sold in a set with a cowboy rider and western tack for the princely sum of 4guineas !!  Amazingly, the AQH is still available today, although it is now a slightly smaller and slimmer horse than its earlier cousins.
Above is an AQH from 1972. He's a dapple grey which has yellowed slightly due to sunlight damage. He's sporting an original Julip leather bridle from around the same date.

Below is a newer version:
This particular model is from 2009. It is less chunky all over due to the original mould losing detail.

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