Wednesday, 15 August 2012

More Arabs ...

Next on the list is the ARAB PONY, which I introduced a while back in the form of Minty the gone-green pony.

The ARAB STALLION went through a metamorphosis like the mare.  The original was tall, leggy and rather plain ...
This is a 1960s oldie with little in the way of mane and tail. Julip used mohair for their horses' tresses during this era, which gives a lovely natural and soft feel. Unfortunately it tends to thin out and disappear after a good few years, especially if they have been brushed and well played with.

In 1976, along with the Arab Mare, the stallion underwent a make over and came out a nicer model.
On the right is an older version of this mould, from 1979. The newer version, which is still available to order, is on the left and is slightly smaller and finer. This one is from about 2005.  The hair used on newer horses is synthetic.

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