Friday, 14 September 2012

Taffy and Thoroughbreds

Julip's TAFFY THE PIT PONY is the only Shetland they currently make. He was introduced in 1989 and was only available in one colourway - skewbald.  The mould is now just "Pit Pony" and can be ordered in any colour you like.
Above is an original Taffy model from the early 1990s.

The THOROUGHBRED has been on Julip's price list for most of the time, in one guise or another.  My earliest example is the bald and slightly green-looking horse introduced in my first blog.  Here are examples of two other Thoroughbred moulds.
This is a rather skinny TB from 1974. This mould was used up until the mid 1970s.  The next version appeared around the early 1980s and was a much more handsome specimen.
The model above was a Christmas present from 1981.

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