Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Hello! I'm back from a short break and ready to continue with the Julip A-Z.

We next have the WELSH MOUNTAIN PONY, which has seen two mould variations.
The first version looks like this:
This is a small pony and my example is from the 1960s.  The second version appeared in the later 1970s.
Mostly the same shape but a little taller and a nicer head.

Next is the WELSH PONY. This is a little bigger than the pony above and represents Section B (for those who know anything about Welsh ponies!).  This model has also had two versions. The first is from the 1950s-1960s.
Above is a poorly skewbald pony with legs that went gooey and then set solid afterwards.The second version was a nicer looking pony altogether.
This model is from the early 1980s.  This mould ceased being made sometime in the late 1990s and the "new" Welsh Pony is now what used to be called the Pony Mare!

Final part next time !!

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