Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Shetland Pony

Julip seems to have had a SHETLAND in their range for ever.  Since the 1950s it has had pretty much the same basic shape and size, with a few mould tweaks here and there.  The earliest example I have is from the early 1960s and is actually not mine, but he lives here on permanent loan from an old friend.
This next one is from 1974 and he came to me via a collector back in the 1980s.
This looks a little more compact than the earlier version and the head is not so tucked in.  The next one doesn't have a date letter, so I'm guessing he must be from the 1990s.
This mould isn't used any longer, but a Shetland does live on in the price list in the form of Taffy the Pit Pony (see T!).

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