Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Hack & Handy Hunter

A HACK is a horse used for riding, rather than for sport. In the show ring, a hack is an elegant animal, finely built and the picture of sophistication.  The Julip Hack does not fir that picture very well !!  He's quite a plain horse, poor thing.
This mould was discontinued in the 1970s. The model above has undergone extensive surgery since this picture was taken. You can see his front legs were going underneath his body. This was due to the dreaded melt-down.  I sent him to a very good Julip resotorer who re-modelled his legs and stopped the rot.  At least now he can stand up!

Julip made many pony models of breeds and generic types - like the next on the list, the HANDY HUNTER.  Handy hunter is a class at gymkhanas where ponies and riders do a series of tasks to prove how versatile they are.
This mould was also discontinued in the 1970s.  As you can see, this model's forelegs are a bit strange. This is due to the wires which allow you to bend the legs have broken, so there is no solid support for them any more. Fortunately she still stands up ok.

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